Here is another Blog post:

I have been told that my grand web-overlords are not happy with the content of my last post. Apparently Otters are not nearly as cool as being threatened with morningstars and shouting things like “POST SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T SUCK, ERIC” or “SO HELP ME GOD I WILL END YOU IF YOU DON’T GIVE ME PICTURES TO UPLOAD”.

So let’s try this again.

We’re working on a few shows coming up in spring, and we have a few coming up towards summer. If you have booking questions, feel free to shoot me an email @ We will do weddings, weedings, bar mitzvahs, or just youtubes of you painting you patio.

Seriously, Do you need me to weed your garden? I’m desperate for a way to get out of Aaron and Danny’s basement. It’s scary down here, and I’m not sure that I’m alone.