Cryogen Second was originally formed in 2005, though formal activity and current inception of the group can be traced to mid 2009. A fan of music, not just industrial or electro, brings Cryogen Second into the scene with an eclectic sound that holds true to aggressive, nihilist industrial. In 2011, Cryogen Second’s first release, “Anthem For The Great Self Destruct” was released on Beyond Therapy Records (Home of Preacher, DMA, Professor Grim, and more), and has seen the Nashville based band playing shows throughout the South and Midwest.


Cryogen Second is a completely different beast live. While the album itself is riddled with influences from bands like Meshuggah, Fear Factory, The Deftones, Pneumatic Detach, Prodigy, and Psyclon Nine, the live presentation becomes the sum of these parts, incorporating live guitars, synthesizers, and showmanship into a frenetic performance that is more reminiscent of the energy of a late 90′s punk show than a modern dance outfit. This band has shared the stage with both metal and electronic bands, and could be just as easily at home in a mosh pit or a dance floor, often bridging the two disparate influences in the same song.


“…A frenzy of expression, all the moods and thoughts are perceptible, accessible.” –

“…One the heaviest presentations in modern industrial.” – Out Ov The Coffin Radio

“Currently getting my face melted off by Cryogen Second. For the love of God, I wasn’t prepared for this.” – Joseph Graham, Razor Blade Dance Floor