Here is another Blog post:

I have been told that my grand web-overlords are not happy with the content of my last post. Apparently Otters are not nearly as cool as being threatened with morningstars and shouting things like “POST SOMETHING THAT DOESN’T SUCK, ERIC” or “SO HELP ME GOD I WILL END YOU IF YOU DON’T GIVE ME PICTURES [...]

In which we make a first post:

Hey everyone, Eric here, So normally I post over on the facebook, but since this is the first time that we’ve EVER had a website that actually LOOKS like a website (and since Danny and Aaron have confined me to this room, taped to a keyboard and eyes forced surgically open, shouting at me in [...]

Eric’s Unfathomable Love for a Ginger

Why is Danny Rendo from Deconbrio such a sexy man? It’s simple, really — he just is. He’s a sexy sexy man with soft woman hands.